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Doubts and Progress…


Here I am, back at the beginning. I never thought I would have to back-track in order to move forward, but sometimes it is required. I am back working at Party City after 7 years. Halloween is a busy time for the company, and I am doing my best to make an impression and make some money to further my other projects.

Buddy, my loving husband, once again has to fight to get  job in order to get his license back in order. Two weeks after he got his license, they suspended it, AGAIN. He was paying his child support. They took it out of his check every week, but I guess that wasn’t enough to keep them from yanking it. It’s getting ridiculous.

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Why I will NOT hold my tongue…

Seems like this happens when you don't agree with people.
Seems like this happens when you don’t agree with people.

The problem with discussing hot button topics on an open forum or social media feed is that you always have someone ready to insult you.

When I voice my opinion, it is not out of malice, hatred, or bigotry. I was not raised to hate or be spiteful. I was not raised to judge an entire race or sexual orientation as a whole. I was taught to treat them as I would like to be treated.

I was also taught the value of hard work, achieving goals you set for yourself, and helping others when they need help. I was taught that the smarter you work, the more you stand to make, and this does not apply to money solely. This also applies to giving and receiving love and compassion. This applies to recognizing that what are you given was given because you either earned it, or someone cared enough to remember you.

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Things I’ve Learned in the Past Week

We never stop learning.
We never stop learning.

There are many things you learn in one week when your husband starts a job that requires you to get up a four in the morning.  There is a huge learning curve there.  There are also other things I learned along the way.

4 a.m. and me do NOT get along

Yep, I learned this all too well.  When I am having a problem sleeping and four in the morning comes, I am a complete zombie for the rest of the day.  Since we have puppies, they might let me sleep for about a half an hour before they proceed to lick my face and wake me up.  This does nothing for my ghostwriting.  I just sit and stare at the screen and nod off.  I got two days behind and had to write through the weekend.  My sister-in-law and I finally swapped driving duties.  She’s up at that time.  I will just go and get him.  Thank goodness.  It was going to get to the point that I was going to have to go to bed at 8, and hubby didn’t like that idea.  I am not a 4 in the morning person AT ALL.

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That’s Not Feminism. That’s being a Jackass.



Read at your own risk

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep from RLS.  Maybe it’s the self-respect that my parents instilled in me.  Maybe it’s the belief they taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to doing, but all the feminist crap is getting on my nerves.  Am I a bare-foot, pregnant homebody that loves to cook clean, sew, and play happy homemaker?  NO, none of those words describe me. Do I love to cook?  Yes, I do.  Do I love to clean?  Hell, no, I hate it.  I hate laundry, too.  Do I sew?  I have no clue how to even thread a machine.

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