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Why I will NOT hold my tongue…

Seems like this happens when you don't agree with people.
Seems like this happens when you don’t agree with people.

The problem with discussing hot button topics on an open forum or social media feed is that you always have someone ready to insult you.

When I voice my opinion, it is not out of malice, hatred, or bigotry. I was not raised to hate or be spiteful. I was not raised to judge an entire race or sexual orientation as a whole. I was taught to treat them as I would like to be treated.

I was also taught the value of hard work, achieving goals you set for yourself, and helping others when they need help. I was taught that the smarter you work, the more you stand to make, and this does not apply to money solely. This also applies to giving and receiving love and compassion. This applies to recognizing that what are you given was given because you either earned it, or someone cared enough to remember you.

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