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On Judging, Receiving, and The Straight and Narrow… Bible in a Year Day 9

Ask and it shall be given to you...
Ask and it shall be given to you…

There is a lot to take in with this Chapter in Matthew.  There is a lot to assimilate, pray over, meditate on, and learn.  I would start with the judging, but I have already done that one here.  I did read, and re-read the rest of the chapter in hopes that something will come to me, but then, I just decided to let it flow when I opened my blog to write about what I had read.  Not the best thing to do it, but sometimes, I get blessed, and the words flow like a river.

Matthew 7:7, I think is a bit misleading.  A lot of you would beg to differ, but just give me a moment to explain.  Many who read this passage take its literal meaning and are disappointed when things don’t work out as they had seen it.  They think that asking God for something is like ordering at a fast food establishment, and their prayer will be answered in the order it was given.  God doesn’t work that way.  He has never worked that way.  You can pray your heart out for something you think you want, but God will decide if it is best for you, and He will decide when you will receive it.  God gives lessons with each request, just like a parent teaching their child values, God teaches us virtues.

It goes the same for searching.  He doesn’t mean looking for simple everyday things that have been misplaced.  Jesus is referring to the virtues and spirituality that we long for, and that we have been looking for to fill a void within us.  He also means soul searching.  We can find everyday things if we look for them, but when we go searching for something deeper, if God means us to find it, we will find it, and be all the richer for it.

Knocking.  This should be straight forward, but it means knocking on God’s temple, you heart where He dwells waiting for you.  The door to your spirituality, your walk with Christ, is just a knock away.  Are you ready to knock and have Him open the door?

How many times have we heard that we need to take the straight and narrow path?  I know I have heard it quite a few times in my life.  There is no reward for taking shortcuts, and being dishonest.  The road to true spirituality and walking with God is straight and narrow, but if you veer off for just a moment, temptation awaits to spirit you away to ruin and damnation.  Harsh?  Yes, but no one said walking a truly Christian path would be all wine and roses.  We all have moments where we are weak, where we indulge in things that make us feel better, but that only lasts for a moment.  We all have times where we lash out at people.  This leaves feeling sad, and disappointed in ourselves at having been weak.  We need a strong foundation of faith in God, and God’s enduring love for us to stand upon in times of trouble and weakness.  If we build our foundations on the things that we think are important, worldy things, and feelings of hatred, we will surely fall and blow away, like sands in a storm.

Until next time, God Bless You,




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