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Of Sister/Wives, Sacrifices, and God’s Blessings to Us… Bible in a Year Day 8

…Or, She’s not Heavy.  She’s my sister. 🙂

Matthew 633
Put Your faith in God, and He will bless you with abundance.
(original meme)

Mother’s are truly wonderful.  Just as our phone was cut off because of our joblessness, My mom, Bless her, added us to her cell phone plan.  We are going to send her money as soon as we find employment.  I may grouse sometimes about her, but I love my mom, and miss her terribly sometimes.

Shall we go onto the reading?

Assignment:  Genesis 20-22 and Matthew 6 19-34

She’s my sister?

At first, I was wondering why Abraham, for the second time, had lied to a king about his wife and called her his sister.  I thought it was through cowardice, and I still may lean that way a bit, but not entirely now.  Looking into these chapters, I think this was how Abraham was proving to God who was righteous and who was not.  Why?  Well, I realized that Sarah never complained about Abraham calling her his sister.  She could have, but she didn’t.  She went right along with it.

Abimelech took her into his house, but he didn’t touch her, lay with her, or even had her in his room with her.  I think he may have thought that something was wrong.  When God approached the king, that’s when Abimelech had realized what was going on, and asked Abraham why he did it.  At this time the answer is revealed.  They are brother and sister in the Lord, and man and wife in the flesh.  Therefore, Abraham was not lying, in a sense, but was he doing to it prove to the Lord that there are upright people on the earth?

Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and the kids…

Sarah, now after being over 100 years of age, has given birth to a son, Isaac.  This does not allow her to forgive Hagar who rubbed in the fact so long ago about bearing Abraham’s first son.  She was a little mad and jealous, and asked Abraham to cast her out.  Being the God-fearing man that he was, Abraham consulted with God, telling the Lord of his reservations of casting out his first-born son. God, knowing the Abraham was truly faithful, and knowing that it was He who asked Abraham to lay with Hagar, told Abraham not to worry.  He told him that Hagar and the child would thrive.  Isn’t that cool?  Just think about all the gifts and blessings the God is heaping on Abraham for being faithful.  Abundance, a son, and his legacy will go on until the end time, God is showing us, before Jesus is born, that He rewards his faithful, in abundance!

Abraham, Isaac, and the Ram…

Here we have another test of Abraham’s unwavering faith in God.  God tells him to take Isaac and sacrifice him as a burnt offering unto Him.  Without telling his son or wife what the purpose is, he sets off with Isaac, determined to prove his faith once again.  He is rewarded by God staying his had, and giving him a Ram.  Let’s think about this.  As children of God, we are often put to the test.  We are put through trials, tribulations, and things that would break the spirit of someone without faith.  I have always believed, and still do, that God does this to see who we will turn to, and how we will act in the face of adversity.  Will you curse God and blame him for your strife, or will you turn to Him in your time of need and ask for guidance?

Material possessions and the Kingdom of Heaven…

It is true, though people still get angry when they lose something or something breaks, that you can’t take it with you.  Your money, your house, your cars, all your furniture and anything else you’ve bought, paid for, and put somewhere are all things that you can’t move into Heaven when you die.  It’s hard for us to grasp that concept, but it’s true.  What can you take with you?  What does Jesus mean when he says,

20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth consume, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:”

I think he means your heart, your faith, and your love in the Lord.  It’s these things that will get you into heaven.  How?  For if you love the Lord, and try will all your might to lift Him in up in praise through your works and deeds, through your prayers, and unerring faith, that you will be cared for here and in Heaven.  He tells us not to worry about clothing, food, and shelter, because, if we have faith and do works in His name, He will make sure we are blessed with what we need here on Earth.  He will not forsake us, and leave us in the cold.  Can I get an “AMEN”?

Until next time, God Bless you,




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