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The Tower, Abram, and The Temptation of Christ… Bible in Year Day 4

Man shall not live on bread alone.
Man shall not live on bread alone.

It’s amazing how the Word, God, and your brothers and sisters in Christ sustain you when your at a low point.  I am not discounting my friends, they are wonderful and supportive, but there is nothing like the feeling of reading the Bible when you are sad, and then talking to others you lift you in prayer.  It is truly a wonderful thing.

The Tower of Babel.

At first, when I read this passage, I think that God doesn’t want us to succeed, but then I have to re-read it, and ask questions to fully understand.  I think they were building a tower to heaven to talk to God, and exalt themselves, in which case, that wouldn’t work.  You cannot place yourself above God.  Also to speak with the Father, all you have to do is pray.  He does answer prayers, in His own time.

Abram and his fib…

This taught me that truth has it own reward.  I think Abram was being a little selfish when he said that he was going to tell everyone in Egypt that Sarai was his sister.  I knew he did it out of fear of death, but, when you are truly in love with someone, why lie?  I would gladly die for my beloved.  I would defend him, if need be.

The Temptation of Christ

So, here we have Jesus in the wilderness and we he was hungry, starving actually, tired and thirsty, here comes the Devil to put thoughts in his ear and try to steer Jesus of off His path.  No matter what happens, Jesus is not deterred.  How many times have we been tempted to do something we know we shouldn’t?  How many times have we gone and done it anyway and felt horrid afterward?  We are only human, and make mistakes, but God allows you to repent your sins.  Isn’t that wonderful?

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