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John the Baptist… Bible in a Year Day 3

… or how I would have been apprehensive about baptizing Jesus.


This morning, I rose to a phone that had been cut off.  This made upset to the point of tears.  We are praying, toiling searching, and doing what we can to find jobs to get us on our feet, and it seems that we have been sidetracked again.  I went online to fill out an application for a free phone.  Let’s see how this goes.  With His grace, this will be a good year, but for now, all I see is that it is starting how the last one ended, horrid.

This has my heart heavy, a phone of all things.  It’s just a phone.  Funny how things in a situation can throw you for a loop when they happen.  I believe it is trials like these that God sets before us to see where we turn in times of trouble.  Some blame Him.  Some turn away from Him, angry for the strife and thinking He has forsaken them, and others, like myself, turn to Him and other Children of Christ for love support and guidance.

There is not much to say about the flood, and thereafter.  I will say one thing.  I believe Noah should have been the one in trouble for getting so drunk off wine that he collapsed in his tent naked, allowing what happened with Ham to occur.  How would you have reacted if you walked in on that?  I would have been shocked for sure.

Matthew Chapter 3

Here we have John the Baptist, humble in his beginnings, living off of the land and preaching in the wilderness. He comes to Jordan to baptize those who wish to be reborn in God’s light, and here comes Jesus, looking to be baptized.  John is taken aback.  Shouldn’t it be Jesus baptizing him?  He doesn’t feel worthy to baptize the Son of God.  Jesus has to ease his apprehension, and John goes ahead with the baptism.

Would you have had the same reaction?  I know I would have been nervous to baptize Jesus.  I think he would have to talk me into it as well.

Until next time, God Bless You




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