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Two Brothers, The Flood, and the Baby Jesus… Bible in a Year Day 2

…or how I got ahead of myself and talked about Cain because I read too far. 🙂

Bible Reading goal for the day.
Bible Reading goal for the day.

Yep, I got excited and read a little ahead.  Can you blame me?  I had read the story of Cain and Abel many times before, and there were even times I made it all the way to Leviticus, and then lost all interest.  Well, not lost interest; I just let life get in the way of everything.  Not good, I know, but we do tend to let our daily lives take over our spiritual lives, and our ability to just stop and take time alone, and to make time with God.  Many of us say He is first on our list, but with husbands, children, households to run, and other daily tasks, He seems to be a little further down than He should be.

On to my take:

Cain and Abel:

Here we have two brothers, one who is a farmer, and who raises livestock.  When it came time to present offerings to God, Cain took some of his harvest to God, and Abel brought before God all of his firstlings.  Let’s take a look at this for a moment.  Cain didn’t bring the first crops that sprung out of the ground, nor the best of the crop that he harvested.  He just took some of his harvest to present before God.  Abel brought all the first born of his herd before God.  This created a bit of jealousy and animosity between the brothers when God praised Abel, but not Cain. Cain ended up killing his own brother for the praise he expected and did not receive.  He expected praise.  I’ll let that set in for a moment.

How many of us expect praise for what we do in our lives?  How many of us do things just to receive compliments and have people dote over them?  I admit, being an only child, and not one of the rottenly spoiled ones, that I was always doing things to get noticed.  As an adult, I often have to stop myself to ask why I am doing a thing, and then ask myself if I am expecting to gain something from it, like Cain.  I believe, no matter how hard it is, we should be more like Abel, and do things not expecting praise.  Then, I think, our lives will be a little richer.

Chapters Five and Six we deal with lineages up to Noah, and find that they all lived long and fruitful lives until the flood.  God gets fed up with the sinful ways and wickedness that He sees and finds Noah and his family, commissioning Noah to build the ark. Now, let’s think about this task.  He had to build an ark that held two of each creature, his family, and food for everyone and everything on board.  This is a HUGE ship.  All things aside though, Noah had great faith that God would not lead him astray, and would help Him.  God, in turn, without Noah asking, saved Noah, and tasked him with a huge feat.

Matthew Chapter 2

Can we say for a moment that Herod is a real butthole?  I am really trying not to curse.  In his need to keep his seat of power, he decided to give an order to have children ages 2 and under to be killed. This was because he heard of the birth of Jesus and was frightened that he would be overthrown.  I guess he didn’t realize or didn’t know that God was going to watch Joseph, Mary and the baby.  Huh…

Until the next time, May God Bless you.



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