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Blowing the dust off of this thing,

and getting right back into it.

Getting back to it.
Getting back to it.


Yes, I have been remiss, very remiss in my writings on this blog.  I even said that I was going to merge this one with my business one, but after much thought and prayer, I changed my mind, “dusted off” the blog, and now I am going to continue writing my adventures on this one.  I have been homeless for most of the hiatus, but now, I am living with a friend in Louisiana, where I am desperately trying to find work, and also feverishly trying to get my business to stand on its own.  Neither has been easy with all the moving around, but , with God’s grace, and the love of my beloved, I have muddled through.

One of the resolutions of the new year is to read the bible everyday and journal about it.  I was going to do it in a word program, but I figured it would be better if I posted my progress on my personal blog in hopes that I can get this thing running proper, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

My first day’s reading assignment:  Genesis Chapters 1-3 and Matthew Chapter 1

Confession time, I have looked up passages and entire chapters of the bible from time to time when I have felt the need to read His word, but I have never read the whole Bible from cover to cover.  *GASP* I know; it’s shocking.  I mean, if you consider the posts I have done about the Bible, my spirituality, and my trials, both emotional and spiritual, it’s shocking, but I don’t think I am alone in not having read it all the way through.  I have started many times with the intention of reading it in its entirety, but I have fallen short, going back to only reading through when I have felt the urge.  So, here is my first Bible Journal entry.

Have you ever stopped reading something to re-read it only to find out that it’s finally sinking in?  I mean really sinking in?  The creation story is truly amazing when you think about it.  It gives us a grand view of God’s power to create, but it also gives us many questions in return.  I am not questioning his awesome power, not in the least.  Have you ever wondered how long a day is to God?  I personally do not agree with those that believe the Earth is 10,000 years old, but I do believe God made us this wonderful place to live, love and thrive.  There are more questions.  On the fifth day it says He created man in our image, but in the next chapter it was written that there was no one to tend the Earth and manage the livestock.  Huh?  *scratches head*  So Adam and Eve weren’t created on the fifth day?  They were created after?  Or are they just reiterating what God did?  I am a little confused here.  I will have to think about this more.  Do you have any input on this?


Cain and Abel…  Ouch…  So this is where things started going wrong after Eve tasted the forbidden fruit and handed it to Adam, and after they got ousted.  He killed his brother because of animosity, and got kicked out.  He did end up finding a wife and having kids; so, that didn’t work out too bad, but Cain, come on, really?

Matthew, or the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ.  WOW.  Just WOW…  God proves once again that He is mighty, wise, and loving.  He blessed Mary with Jesus, and then Joseph was told no to fear, basically, that his wife was pregnant, but not because she was unfaithful.  How much devotion did this couple have?  In this day and age, the couple would have divorced because the husband wouldn’t have believed what just happened, and thought that the angel coming to him was probably due to stress or too much too drink.


Until next time, my friends, may God bless you in the new year.




I have a passion for natural health, and love staying busy with making jewelry, calligraphy, and making all kinds of crafts.

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