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The Waiting is Killing Me….

I don't remember where this is from...
I don’t remember where this is from…


Hello, my name is Anissa, and I am a Whovian, Potterhead, Trekkie, Star Wars nut, and generally anything having to deal with sci-fi or fantasy, I am all over it.  November 23, 2013, is the 50th anniversary of a show I started watching when I was a child with my grandfather.  This show started November, 1963 and took a break in 1989.  It came back in 2005, but in the hearts and minds of Whovians everywhere, it never really went anywhere.  With Eleven, now twelve, different actors playing the parts during the years, this show has never lost its sense of wonder for me, nor will it.  I have favorite episodes and ones that I was disappointed in, but doesn’t any show?

Since 2005, there has been an influx of new fans, mainly in part due to the young nature of the actors who played the part, and, if I may add, there attractiveness.  Now that a new Doctor has been chosen, and he is older, there is a clamor among the  fangirls that he is too old.  I make this Whovianesque post in hopes to clarify somethings.




William Hartnell Courtesy of:
William Hartnell
Courtesy of:


This is the first Doctor.  He is NOT young, but he was very wily and wise in his years.  He outsmarted his enemies, and managed to get out of as much trouble as he got into without bloodshed or people dying.  I loved the way he watched over his companions.  Unfortunately, many of his episodes are lost, because the budget was tight for the show, and they reused the tapes to record new episodes on them.

Many find his episodes hard to watch because of the grainy nature.

Same thing happened to the next Doctor.






Patrick Troughton Courtesy of:
Patrick Troughton
Courtesy of:


The Second Doctor, slightly younger looking than the first, was still not young, but got into a lot of trouble and out again.  He was spry, smart, and a little bumbling, but that is what made me love him.  His facial expressions were perfect for the situations he was in, and his absent-mindedness was adorable.  He would get completely caught up in what he was doing and sometimes lose track of his companions.






John Pertwee Courtesy of:
John Pertwee
Courtesy of:


John Pertwee, the third Doctor (noticing a trend?), brought a lightness and funny demeanor to the show, but in a subtle way.  His expressions and the way he dealt with situations from scientific standpoint were, in my opinion, genius.  He still loathed violence and never passed up the chance to tell the Brigadier that there was always another way to handle the situation.  He was quick on his feet when the situation called for it, and quick with his wit, as any Doctor should be.









There are eight more to go through, but I think you guys are getting the point, right?  This is my most favorite show ever, and no, the Doctor doesn’t have to be young.  The BBC never meant for the Doctor to be a heartthrob.  He is just, after all, a madman in a box traveling through time and space.

Until next time, stay geeky and God Bless.

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