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Waiting and getting excited…

Why?  Simply because the absolute love of my life drives a truck (Semi for those who are looking at the word truck and wondering.).  He is either going to be in town some time today or tomorrow evening.  I can’t wait.  This starts a new chapter in my life with an old love that I have been missing in my life for a long time.  (Read “Of Nerves and new beginnings” if you need to be filled in on the details.)  I will still be making jewelry, and selling it on etsy.  I will be doing it from the road.  I can’t wait.  I so want him to walk in that door right now.  

I am simply overflowing with excitement, love and anticipation of his arrival.  I am impatient to start this new chapter of my life.  I know there are still some matters that must be resolved with the old life before I am truly free.  I just know, with every fiber of my being that I will be loved, happy, safe, cherished, and wanted with Buddy.  I also know that I will return his affection for me with the same intensity, depth, and enthusiasm without effort.  I love him so much, and I never stopped loving him for those twenty years that I searched.  Just knowing that I will be truly happy fills me with joy.  I know that being with him is right, and it is where I should have been twenty years ago.  

I say a prayer to God for my ex, Mark.  May God lay his hands upon him and steady him.  May God embrace him, and fill him with the understanding that the love he deserves is out there and will find him.  May God steady his heart and help him to move on with his life.  May He make the pain subside.  Most important of all, may He allow Mark to realize that what happened is not any of his doing.  Until next time, God bless.


I have a passion for natural health, and love staying busy with making jewelry, calligraphy, and making all kinds of crafts.

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