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Going to be 39, and counting…

Yep, this year, I turn 39.  

I understand, for most women, even admitting they are knocking on 40’s door is a blasphemous act, but for me, I welcome it.  After years of painful periods, entering perimenopause is something long awaited.  Having studied natural health since 1994, I recognized the symptoms.  I have to record how I feel each day, and adjust the things I eat, and the things I do accordingly.  I already know that my hormones are going to be doing flips, and that weight loss is going become a little tougher until my hormones even out.  I am ready for this, and I know how to deal with it.

I am also learning to let go of the frustration associated with trying to get my son motivated to do something.  I can only give it to God and hope that He will instill in Paul a sense of motivation, and knowledge.  He still, for some reason does not think that getting his GED is a priority.  Oh, he has written and presented an essay to me to grade for grammar and punctuation, but it is on a book that, to my knowledge, he has not read.  I will read it and grade it, but he is not in the house to go over the essay.  He is at a friend’s house, and has been there for two weeks.  

Until next time, God Bless…




I have a passion for natural health, and love staying busy with making jewelry, calligraphy, and making all kinds of crafts.

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