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Happiness is its own reward.

…Or no richer person has walked the earth than one who is content with the Lord and what they possess.

1 Timothy 6:6 Religion, of course, does bring large profit, but only to those who are content with what they have.

Money, stocks, investment portfolios, millions or billions of dollars, what do they all have in common?  They are are cold, devoid of life, personality, caring, and they do not have the capacity to love, nourish, or uplift you.  Sure, we all need money to pay bills, treat ourselves, and, on occasion, live like the rich, but when you take away the home, the cars, all of your possessions, and even your job, are you truly happy?  Could you be truly happy? There are those who make less then you, and have smiles on their faces, and a bounce in their step.  They are content.  They have their family to love and guide them and the Heavenly Father to show them the way.  They may be striving for something better, but they don’t belly-ache about not having it now.  They are in the moment, happy and satisfied knowing that God will provide if they keep moving forward.  Are you?

Doesn't he look good enough to snuggle?
I think so. 🙂

Most of us don’t know how to be satisfied with what we have.  We grumble, grouse, and complain about bills, the state of our home, the fact the car is making that funny noise, and even that our kids came home for dinner late,  again.  We never take time to think that at least we have the income to manage a pretty good lifestyle, a roof that keeps us dry, food for the table, and family that is blessed enough to make it to the table to eat.  If you look at the world today there are people who don’t have the basics, due to one reason or the other.  The trick is that, when you let God into your life, He fills with the ability to see what we truly have and be perfectly content.  

If you have a pet, learn from them.  What?  An animal?  Yep!  They want for nothing except the food you give them, the freedom to run, and your love and attention, and they are absolutely happy, and don’t want for anything else.  Wouldn’t it be nice to live like that?

Until next time, God Bless.


I have a passion for natural health, and love staying busy with making jewelry, calligraphy, and making all kinds of crafts.

One thought on “Happiness is its own reward.

  1. I have learned to be grateful for what I have and my life is truly joyous. I tried REAL hard not to sweat the small stuff. My husband was out of work for several months and the Lord shows us that He would provide and He did. I take nothing for granted!


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