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Use That Backbone. I know you have one.

…Or stand your ground, and let people tremble.

Joshua 1:9 Have I not told you: Be strong and stand firm?  Be fearless and undaunted, for go where you may, Yahweh your God is with you.

A sad day for the Isrealites has come.  Moses, their prophet and deliverer has passed away.  This has left God’s Chosen disheartened, weeping, and grieving.  In the midst of all the despair, Yahweh, God, has called upon Joshua to lead the people into the land promised to them.  The mantle has been passed, but Joshua is a bit different than Moses, and sometimes doesn’t follow, to the letter, what God asks.  He gets them ready to go into the land, but instead of marching into the promised land, he sends spies ahead to scout.  This is not what God wanted him to do.  God wanted him to march into the lands and claim them, without doubt or fear.

How many times in our lives have we driven by the homeless with their signs held high and not done anything for them?  How many times have we driven by disabled veterans, and in thinking it was a scam, didn’t even try to just give them something to eat?  Be strong and stand firm.  God is with you always.  He is the ever present voice in the back of your head called conscience.  He will tell you when the time is right, and who is in need of a little help.  Don’t worry about what others may be thinking about when you approach someone with a “Will Work for Food Sign”.  I sure didn’t.  

Personal moment.

I was still a single mom living with my parents.  I was running errands with a friend in the car when we turned into a shopping center to pay the cable bill.  That is when I saw him.  His ratty fatigues and patches of rash told me more than that the sign he held ever could.  My father, being a Vietnam Veteran, told me what to look for in terms of Agent Orange, rankings on fatigues and so forth.  He looked tired, down-on-his luck, and most of all discouraged.  His sign simply said “Vietnam Veteran, Will Work for Food”.  I turned the car around, knowing I was coming back.  I went to the nearest Checkers (A burger joint), and I purchased two value meals.  My friend looked at me and said, “I’m not hungry.”  I replied with,”That’s okay.  These aren’t for us anyway.”  I parked in a space closest to him and walked to where he was.  His eyes met mine as I raised the bag and drinks.  “I don’t have any work for you, but here is lunch and dinner.”  He smiled, though it never reached his eyes.  “Thank you.  Do you know that you are the only one that has stopped today?”  “I am sorry about that.  I hope your day gets better.”  “It already has.”
I know that some are con artists, and do it just for the money, but giving them a lunch, or certificates for food, even a blanket or bottle of water will tell you which ones God wants you to help.  They will be the thankful ones.

Until next time, God Bless.



I have a passion for natural health, and love staying busy with making jewelry, calligraphy, and making all kinds of crafts.

One thought on “Use That Backbone. I know you have one.

  1. God sees our hearts. Not that we do these things for God to see but because they will know us from our fruits, and Jesus told us to love each other. I started getting hard hearted to people with signs, until my husband (then boyfriend) showed me a different way. We were in South Florida, there the homeless buy newspapers and sell them to the morning commuters. It’s the kind of situation that if the paper costs $.75 and you give a dollar then you don’t get change. But the homeless work for their money. My husband gave the guy a $5 one day, then saw him another day and gave him $10. The man’s face told me all I needed to know. It became to be infectious, every time I saw him I stopped and gave him money. He knew us after that. Then my husband had lost his job, was in Florida and I was in Oregon. He had to wait a week for his flight and ended up just walking around, do you know that homeless man bought my husband lunch!? I don’t ignore people anymore, even if they are con artists, I do it because we are told to love others, and that one dear man in Florida changed it all for me. 😀


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