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Are You Living on the Edge?

You’d better move.  God doesn’t want you there.

If your living on the edge,
you have no room to make mistakes.

Proverbs 3:5-6  5 Trust in wholeheartedly in Yahweh, put no faith in your own perception;  

6 acknowledge Him in every course you take, and he will see that your paths are smooth.

Trust, a word that only has five letters, but in this world is a precious commodity.  With all the violence, crime, and false representation that we face while we walk our path, it’s a wonder that we don’t lock ourselves up in our homes and try to make the world go away.  Trust, it is easy to loose, and it hurts when lost.  It is also a long hard road to gain it back once lost.

God wants us to trust Him in look to Him for answers and acknowledge Him through the good and the bad of our journey through life.  Though He only speaks through us directly through the Bible, He lets us know, in our everyday lives whether we have gone astray or if steady is the course.   

Living on the edge, throwing caution to the wind, not think things through, are the traits of someone who has no room to make mistakes.  This is a person who doesn’t heed the word of others or God.  God does not wish us to live our lives on the edge.  He is our safety net, our road signs as we journey through our lives.  God is the one we know will always be there for us, the one to whom we can give all of our trust.

Until next time, God Bless.



I have a passion for natural health, and love staying busy with making jewelry, calligraphy, and making all kinds of crafts.

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