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Ahem. Don’t You Go Thinking Your Better Than Anyone Else…

Romans 12:3 And through the grace that I have been given, I say this to every one of you: never pride yourself on being better than you really are, but think of yourself dispassionately, recognizing that God has given to each one his measure of faith.

Humility.  At times, it can be the hardest thing to learn.  We all have a certain pride in ourselves.  We feel accomplished when things fall into place; or, when we finish that project that has been looming over us for a while.  It is easy to thank God for the grace and blessings that He has given us when things go right.  

Do we remember Him when nothing seems to go our way?

Everyday does not go as planned.  I like to say that life gets in the way sometimes.  Whether it be an unforeseen trip to the doctor or things that have an urgency that can’t wait, plans that we make sometimes go wrong.  It is in these moments we have the habit of remembering Him, but not revering Him.  We ask God, “Why did you do this to me?”  Or, “Why me, God?”  We never stop to think that He may be testing us to see what we will do next.  

It is in these moments that our humility and faith are tested.  God never puts us in situations without the ability to overcome them.  It is through Him that we can achieve great and wonderful things, often amazing ourselves in the process.  This does not meant that we are better than those around us.  It simply means that God is helping us realize who we are, and who we can become, in Him.

 Until next time, God Bless.  

I used the Joyce Meyer Devotional again. This one seems to speak to me more than Our Daily Bread.



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3 thoughts on “Ahem. Don’t You Go Thinking Your Better Than Anyone Else…

  1. Wonderful post!! There is a Christian song called Fall Apart, I think it’s by Josh Wilson. This reminds me of that. It’s so easy to praise and love God when everything is great but the truth is… not only are we tested, but we are also prone to come closer to God in the hard times. You have nothing let to do but get on your knees and talk to and cry to him. I find that is true for me too, when the “why me” stage is over. LOL How can we appreciate the good times if we never have bad? So many people like to say that God is horrible for allowing bad things to happen to us, but we would never appreciate the good without it. So I say He’s amazing for showing us bad times, because then the good times are SO much better. Blessings on your day! – Corri


    1. It has been a journey not to yell at Him, but to stop and ask Him for the patience and strength to carry through. I needed this devotional today as a reminder.


      1. Hugs and prayers to you for your “need” of the reminder. At least it’s a journey right? Ever changing and moving… Thank God for forgiveness when we don’t quite measure up!


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