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Day Late, and a Dollar Short

Anissa Mathias
Me on the trip to Miami.

I know.  I haven’t been posting about my exercise, and stuff, but for those of you who have been reading my posts, I think I can be excused.  I believe I have gone from fighting my weight to fighting my depression.  Over the past few days, I have been feasting on comfort foods (meatloaf, mashed potatoes, riblets, and suffering quietly over mac and cheese.)  The last comfort food on my list is fried chicken and collards.  I know where to get the chicken.  I may have to hunt for a while for the collard greens.  I am bloated.  (The scale screamed 210 at me this morning.  I know you can’t possibly gain seven pounds in a couple of weeks, especially when you took two long walks in Miami to clear your head.)

I promised myself a meditation session and some Yoga today.  I have to get back into the groove.  This is my way of fighting the mopes.  I can’t let them win.  The last time I let my depression take over,  I stayed in bed, and didn’t want to leave it any time soon.  So, I am giving it the college try, not that I ever graduated from college.  

I find myself thinking back to all the good times with my grandmother.  I smile and yet, I am sad at the same time.  I know there won’t anymore memories.  Grieving stinks.  I don’t like having this feeling of missing her and not being to see her to feel better.  I guess that’s it.  I am angry that I have to grieve. *shrugs*  That’s another level. I guess.  

Until next time.  God Bless.



I have a passion for natural health, and love staying busy with making jewelry, calligraphy, and making all kinds of crafts.

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