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It’s Wednesday…

Funny, thought.  It doesn’t “feel” like a Wednesday.  This is the first week of my new schedule (They added a day to my work week. Long story.), and I feel like this should be the last day of the week that I am working.  Instead, it is the second.  Oh, I futzed around with my business site yesterday, trying to figure out how the online classroom works.  I got most of it to work. I am still arguing (If that is what you can call it.) with the application so that people can register themselves.  So far, all they can do is log in.  I have faith that I will figure it out though.

My son visited me yesterday as well.  He is getting ready for Dragon Con.  For those of you who are not familiar, it is this HUGE sci-fi. comic book, and roleplaying convention held every year here in GA.  For four days people walk around in an array interesting (and sometimes disturbing) costumes.  It is quite an experience.  I have gone a couple of times, but we don’t have the money to attend anymore.  If we ever get to that point again, I will be sure to take pictures and share them with you.

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Random Nonsense…Media sites and such

In a world where social media is king, and texting (which I hate) has somehow become easier than just phoning people, have you ever stopped and wondered about how many people you have friended (wow, has that really turned into a verb?) are really your friends?  Of these “friends”, how may of them do you actually want to tell what you do during the day?  Here are a few sites that have sparked a little Random Nonsense from me.

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