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I Don’t Need a 2×4… I So Get It Now!


Sometimes it just takes the right moment for you to actually get what you have been studying, reading, or hearing all your life.  If you are, or were, a Christian, you have a Bible somewhere.  If you are devout and go to church every Sunday, you a have a Bible that’s been tabbed, highlighted and has notes in the margin from sermons and bible studies that you have done.  Here is my question to you…

Do you get it?

I do not mean to offend.  It is a simple question, but a deep one at the same time.

Do you get it?

I mean really get it?  Deep down inside your spirit?  Does it fill you with a peacefulness and love that you don’t want to lose?  Do you read the Word and really let it sink in?  Or do you just flip the pages and follow where the sermon takes you?

This is my first spiritual “WOW” moment.  I am thankful that I can share it with you through this medium.

I have always considered myself a spiritual person.  I believe God exists in everything we do.  I know in the bottom of my heart that His love knows no bounds, no limits.  I mean, after all, he sent us his Son, right?  I thought that I couldn’t go any deeper in my faith than I already was.  Boy, was I way off…

Back in August, a small voice in the back of my head told me to go back to the Bible, and seek fellowship.  You see, I don’t go to church.  I never found one where I felt God there.  To many people were comparing their cars and their station in life.  I feel that all worldly things must stop before you enter God’s house.

I had two problems.  I had fallen into the “I don’t have the time.” trap, and I work at a gas station on Wednesdays (noon-8) and Sundays (9-5). Listening to any kind of sermon live or going to bible classes was out.  I was feeling a little stuck.  How was I going to get around this?  I would make time for Him.  That solved the first problem, but what about the second?  I asked for an answer.  I got one.

We have one car.  Not out of the need for pinching pennies.  The transmission died on my truck.  My husband would drop me off on the way to church, and pick me up at 5.  I picked up a program from the sermon one Sunday, and there was the answer, Women’s Bible study.  It was on Tuesdays!  I was excited!  This was the answer!  I was finally going to get the fellowship that I was longing to have.

Then I got nervous.  I don’t know any of these women.  How will they treat me?  I know they are Christians, but I am the “new kid”.  I called my mother-in-law, and asked her if she went to bible study on Tuesdays.  She said yes.  We made plans to meet at her house, and we would go together.

And then God spoke to me…

They were just starting a bible study curriculum.  Faithful Abundant True, a bible study from DEEPERStill.  God knew that I still had a lot to learn.  Isn’t He the greatest?  He knows we need more even when we think we know it already.  You won’t believe how my eyes have been opened!  I am not only studying the Bible, I am listening to it!  Actually listening to the word being spoken to me!

I am getting it better than I ever have before…

And it is letting me see myself and the world around me in a new way.

…and those ladies in the Bible study? They are the best!



I have a passion for natural health, and love staying busy with making jewelry, calligraphy, and making all kinds of crafts.

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