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At It Again…

There are times in my house that I take to rearranging things to consolidate all my hobbies into on space.  It doesn’t often work.  I have a lot of hobbies, and they tend to be all over the house.  Take my kitchen, for instance:

The dining area of the kitchen.

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:( Not yet… Still on hubby’s machine.

They said they had to order the RAM for my computer.  They said they would have the RAM today and call me.  They didn’t.  It is six minutes to six here in GA, and they close at seven.

There is a good storm brewing.  The wind is cooling things off.  We have no air conditioning.  All we have are window units for the bedrooms, and fans for the rest of the house.  It’s been the hottest summer yet here.  That is just my opinion.  We haven’t had air for five years.

I think the only thing good about not having air is the electric bill is manageable.  Still, air is nice.  I believe you learn to reacquaint yourself with the beauty and the gift that a storm brings when you have to keep your windows open.  The breezes that blow through our home during a storm are wonderful.  I like to watch the rain cool everything down.  The stream off of the street and the cars as the rain hits them has always reminded me of throwing water on a hot pan.

There is nothing like standing outside and letting the raindrops hit you.  The tingle as they hit your skin, the coolness they bring along with the breeze is a blessing.  God makes such beautiful art.

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I really need to keep up with this…

In all fairness, I seem to post few and far between.  I set goals, but never seem to meet them.  I sit down at the computer will all the purpose in the world to post, and get caught up in online games.  I suck. lol

I have been without my computer for over a week now.  It has been having problems, we finally had the extra money to get it looked at and fixed.  I am on my hubby’s computer now.  I never realized how much faster my computer was until I had to load farmville on his.  Yes, I said “farmville”.  I am still trying to figure out how I got all caught up in that inane little game, but I am.

Well, today is the day my wonderful machine comes home.  I can’t wait to get caught up with everything I have not been able to do.  Getting “caught up”.  Why do we kid ourselves?  Do we ever get “caught up”?  Are we ever truly at a place where we don’t have anything to do?  I seriously doubt that.  Oh well.  At least it’s nice to at least have the illusion of being done every once in a while.

The next post will be on my baby.

Have a wonderful day!